The Writing Life: Journals, 1975-2005

By George Fetherling

Selected from millions of pages of the day-by-day journals of George Fetherling - the inexhaustible novelist, poet, and cultural commentator - The Writing lifestyles unearths an astute and candid observer of his contemporaries in addition to himself. thousands of figures within the arts and public lifestyles crisscross the pages of Fetherling's journals, from Margaret Atwood and Marshall McLuhan, to Gwendolyn MacEwen and Conrad Black. The e-book starts in mid-1970s Toronto, a time of cultural ferment, and contains directly to Vancouver and a brand new century. a charming and intimate narrative, The Writing existence offers a compelling portrait of the final 3 many years of Canadian cultural existence. From the ebook: Tuesday four February 1992 / Toronto Early this morning the most recent in a sequence of wierd mobilephone calls from Edmund chippie in long island to debate successive types of his Canadian Notes & Queries piece on Marshall McLuhan. He falls to reminiscing and at one aspect says: "Marshall continually jogged my memory of that passage in Boswell within which Boswell says that in the event you chanced to take look after from a rain hurricane for a couple of minutes in Dr Johnson's corporation, you are going to come away confident that you simply had simply met the neatest guy on the earth. Marshall was once like that too. after all, when you spent an hour with Marshall, good, that used to be anything relatively different."

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Confined to a wheelchair most or all of her life, she was a small  woman with withered legs and an obvious battle with her spirits. I took  her to lunch once after reading some of her poems in the little magazines. (Macmillan  eventually  released  her  assortment  Prisoner  after Anansi  and  others turned it down as too Atwoodian. ) Later I tried getting her a job,  at her request, but wasn’t able to locate anything in the editing field in a  development  built  with  lifts. I  may still  have  attempted  more durable.

Tuesday,  3 december / toronto J and I to the Winter Garden this morning for the presentation of the  Governor  General’s  Awards. A  crowd  of  a  few  hundred  with  many  25199_Fetherling. indb 142 2013-02-08 10:48:52 1991 143 cameras  and  a lot  hoopla. The  fiction  prize  is  as  expected,  yet  I  am  somewhat disappointed that Anne Michaels doesn’t win for English poetry. 29 The  simply  public  shame  and  scandal  is  the  English  non-fiction  winner. Harold Horwood must have overpowered Anne Collins on the  jury (who would have thought Anne could be overpowered by anyone?

St Clair] Balfour  [chairman of Southam Newspapers] comes by, the Brig introduces him  to me, and Balfour blanches and walks away quickly. Malone then proceeds to tell me war stories such as what he said to Winston and what  Winston in turn told Max: that kind of thing. Says that McClelland and  Stewart is bringing out a book of his on economics. God help us. He is  jolly. I propose lunch sometime and then push off saying: “I must keep  moving, otherwise I’ll be a target in this room. ” He seems to understand  and reacts appreciatively.

Booksellers’  get together  down  at  Steve  Temple’s shop. 15  A. F. Moritz (b. 1947), poet, author of Night road Repairs and The Sentinel;  winner of the Griffin Prize. sixteen  Carolyn Smart (b. 1952), poet, author of Stoning the Moon and The approach to Come domestic. 17  Dionne Brand (b. 1953), poet and novelist, author of Land to gentle On and  many other works. 25199_Fetherling. indb 153 2013-02-08 10:48:53 154 The Writing existence friday, 24 april / toronto I  spend  the  day  with Ann,  doing  the  Spadina  galleries,  having a look  at  the  architectural  landmarks,  lunching  at  Le  Select,  aiding  her  choose  up  a  small and absolutely smashing dress (how sexy her bare feet look under  the swinging door of the changing room).

Sunday, 30 march / toronto Today I saw the first wino of spring on Bathurst Street. (Where do they  cross  in  the  iciness? Is  it  to  the  position  to  which  taxis  disappear  while  it  rains? ) tuesday, 1 april / toronto Unlisted telephone numbers: the initial sign of societal breakdown? The power of any political philosophy can be drained by turning that  philosophy into a religion (exactly the reverse of what was the case centuries ago). He who turns his back on his religion is a freethinker whose  intellect has outgrown his beliefs.

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