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This reference ebook is full of vital proof in regards to the Civil struggle and lets you search for details during the entire set. This e-book is an important device that completes the Civil struggle booklet assortment.

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AT seventy two, seventy four, seventy five, on ninety one 100-101; at Champion's HiU, sixty nine, seventy one; at 29, one hundred thirty; relieved Pursuit to Appomattox; Brother; nine; Henry, designed through, FI 89; Scott, relatives with. AP SP citadel Donelson, seventy three, eighty four, 89-91, ninety three, 102, 124-127, one hundred thirty, 167; eighty four lady 147-148; Halleck, relatives with, ninety four, ninety nine; by means of, FO conduct, 119; exaggerated stories by means of, 157-158, 48-72, seventy five, eighty three, 124; Richmond threatened TE McClernand, John A. , 27; retreat to the Richmond, develop on, one hundred thirty; at 109-113; and paintings McClensville Pike, 168-169; relieved as FO 27; FO one hundred twenty five, Yorktown, FO 93-102, 107, 109.

DE /27; at entrance Royal, Regiment, FR 152, TT 33-35; 1st Infantry Regiment, FR sixty four; third Infantry Regiment, SP 142; 4th Infantry Regiment, SP 142; fifth Infantry Regiment, SP 142; eighth Infantry Regiment, CH one hundred forty five, 149; ninth Infantry Regiment, FR 148; eleventh Infantry Regiment, FR one hundred fifty Jones residence (Harrisburg), 109 BL Kearsarge, a hundred and ten, 111, one hundred twenty, 161, 171 MI Thomas Topeka Infantry: 1st coloured Infantry Kaskel, Cesar, Jordan, 152; SP 145-147; 14th SP a hundred and fifty five; fifteenth Cavalry ninety two, Kappiesser, Peter, eight FO Williamsburg, 108, 110-111 KeUy's Ford, OR 92-95 SH FR 158-159 Jones County, Mississippi, Jordan, Thomas, 80-83; violence forty seven, 70-71, seventy four, seventy five, seventy six, seventy seven, seventy nine, 133, 146, 152; artillery motion, 156-157, SP Cavalry Regiment, ISO; accomplice exhaustion at, Jonesboro, Georgia, 12, sixteen; (Dismoimted), FR one hundred fifty; sixth Cavalry Regiment, FR 148, one hundred fifty, 154; seventh Cavahr Regiment (Jennison's Jayhawkers), FR 106-108, 111-112, 20 a hundred and fifty, BR Banery, AT 86-87 YA 108 GE BR SH Cavalry: second Cavalry Regiment AS Jonesboro, conflict of, 151, seventy four, 75-76, eighty two; emigration to, Artillery: 34 Jones, William E.

S. A. (1827-1905), Governor of recent Mexico (1839-1925), Col. , fifth Infantry, 1866- 1880; Indian campaigns, 1869-1891; in leader, U. S. military, 1895-1903. HORACE PORTER, U. S. A. (1837- 1921), army secretary to furnish, 1865- Ambassador to France, 1897-1905; delegate to The Hague convention, 1907. 1872; Turkey, 1881-1885; writer of Ben Hur. ideally suited court docket, 1883-1902; affiliate excellent court docket, 1902-1932. Justice, U. S. GEN. JOSEPH WHEELER, C. S. A. (1836-1906), U. S. Congress, 1883-1900; commanded a department in Cuba, 1898, and a brigade within the Philippines, 1900.

See Profiteering Spies, 124, one hundred twenty five, 129 J. , status Buffalo, Stanford, Leland, 191. See misplaced order Sperryville, Virginia, 10, 29, forty; and cotton and Dred Scott Pursuit to Appomattox; Brother; Specie. See Spencer sixty seven FR Sprague, Horatio general Oil one hundred forty YA fifty eight SM 143 seventy seven Southern Literary Messenger, significant basic NA No. precise Orders NA TT a hundred forty five, 151, RE 35-36, 50-51 G. , TE 157, 159 Spears, James TT forty eight, Stanardsville, Virginia, Sparta, Louisiana, 29, 74-75, SP AS trial of, Spencer carbine, SM 86-87 Spencer repeating rifles, CH 21, 25, 26, sixty nine 1 1 28 Southern Illustrated information, Oil portray of 160-161; Spaulding, George, Southern home Act of 1866, 36 BR AS Spaulding, Ira, OR 27, seventy eight, seventy nine, ninety three, ninety five, 154, /56, 158 Spencer, George E.

PI ninety nine Pohle, LE Poilpot, Theophile, Poinseti, BL SH 156, 130-132 143 DE element Isabel, Texas, FL seventy three, eighty five, 86, 113, 166 CH aspect Lookout, Tennessee, 151, 152, TT element Lookout criminal camp, one hundred fifteen, 119, element of Rocks, Virginia, TR 121 aspect friendly, Missouri, SH 166 Poison Spring, Arkansas, TT 35 Armand Polignac, Camille Prince de, PR seventy seven, 109, one hundred ten, SH LE 133-134; at Cedar LE 103, 109, 111, 124; at Centreville, LE one hundred forty four, 146, 164-165; at Culpeper, LE a hundred and one, 124; at Island No.

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