Knitting Scarves from Around the World: 23 Patterns in a Variety of Styles and Techniques


Here are 23 styles for scarves from round the globe—including fashionable conventional initiatives from Scandinavia, japanese Europe, the British Isles, the Americas, and Asia. development introductions supply a history of knitting thoughts from that a part of the area, together with schematics and charts.


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Row nine: K2, M1, k8; w&t—20 sts. Row 10: P9, M1p, k2—21 sts. Row eleven: K2, k2tog, k8; w&t—20 sts. Row 12: P7, p2tog, k2—19 sts. Row thirteen: K2, k2tog, k7; w&t—18 sts. Row 14: P6, p2tog, k2—17 sts. Row 15: K2, k2tog, k6; w&t—16 sts. Row sixteen: P5, p2tog, k2—15 sts. Row 17: K2, k2tog, k5; w&t—14 sts. Row 18: P4, p2tog, k2—13 sts. Row 19: K2, k2tog, k9—12 sts. Row 20: K5, p3, p2tog, ssk—10 sts. Row 21: [P1 wrapping yarn round needle thrice] three times, p1 wrapping yarn two times round needle, p1, flip (do no longer wrap)—10 sts. Row 22: shedding additional wraps, k4, (k1, p1) into final st—11 sts.

Row 39: K1, p1, [1/1 RC, p2] thrice, 1/1 RC, p1, k1. Row forty: P1, k1, LI-L, [p2, k2] three times, p2, LI-R, k1, p1—20 sts. Row forty-one: K1, p1, [1/1 RPT, 1/1 LPT] four occasions, p1, k1. Row forty two: P1, k1, p1, [k2, p2] three times, k2, p1, k1, p1. trend C (20 sts, dec to six sts) Row 1 (RS): K1, p1, k1, p2, [1/1 LC, p2] three times, k1, p1, k1. Row 2: P1, k1, p1, [k2, p2] three times, k2, p1, k1, p1. Row three: K1, p1, [1/1 LPT, 1/1 RPT] four occasions, p1, k1. Row four: P1, ssk, [p2, k2] three times, p2, k2tog, p1—18 sts. Row five: K1, p1, [1/1 RC, p2] three times, 1/1 RC, p1, k1.

Her first adventure with needles and yarn got here from her Swedish grandmother who knit each evening on the kitchen desk. Wendy’s Swedish historical past maintains to have a robust impact in her layout paintings. with her inventive arts enterprise, Saga Hill Designs, Wendy is a specialist on getting older imaginative and prescient via her legibility enterprise, ElderEye. com. this present day, Wendy spins and knits on the related kitchen desk she shared along with her grandmother—now positioned in Orono, Minnesota—and will be contacted at www. SagaHill. com. Hélène Magnússon is better identified for her examine round the conventional Icelandic intarsia that was once visible in knitted inserts in footwear in Iceland long ago centuries.

Judy’s Magic Cast-On: This CO will put off the necessity for grafting the ends. an educational are available the following: www. persistentillusion. com/blogblog/techniques/magic-cast-on directions First part With 2 ends of MC and utilizing Provisional Cast-On or Judy’s Magic Cast-On, CO eighty sts; mark beg of rnd. Knit four rnds. paintings forty five rnds following chart, lowering as indicated and knitting in ends as you go—50 sts. Knit sixteen" [40cm] in MC; the piece will degree approx 271/2" [70cm]. placed paintings on waste yarn. second aspect paintings as for first aspect, leaving sts on needle.

5mm] crochet hook ♦ delicate waste yarn of comparable weight in a contrasting colour ♦ Tapestry needle Gauge 24 sts and 31 rows = four″ [10cm] on one part of double-knit cloth. alter needle dimension as essential to receive right gauge. development NOTES This shawl is labored utilizing the double-knit approach. either colours are used throughout the entire rows in pairs. Twist the colours of yarn at first of the rows to avoid holes. the 1st a number of rows of double knitting are written out; the remaining are charted and labored within the comparable demeanour.

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