A Treasury of Great Poems

This vintage assortment, lengthy well-known as some of the most generally learn and entire anthologies of poetry within the English language, deals greater than 1,300 pages containing approximately 1,000 poems through nearly 2 hundred poets. starting with the earliest English ballads and choices from the King James model of the Bible, the ebook keeps with the immortal works of Shakespeare, Donne, Milton, Pope, Whittier, Poe, Tennyson, and so on, concluding with a great array of 20th-century poetry via such luminaries as Wallace Stevens, Dylan Thomas, and Marianne Moore. Louis Untermeyer--the popular critic, biographer, and instructor who edited this impressive work--is acknowledged to have brought extra poets to readers and extra readers to poetry than the other American. Treasury of serious Poems is listed by way of poet, poem and first strains.

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Pity On 162 1 l6r 164 ISAAC ROSENBERG EDNA 1 162 VINCENT MILLAY l6r 1166 [1892- Me no longer listening to a Symphony of Beethoven 167 168 Dirge with out tune 169 To 169 Jesus on His Birthday Contents xliv ARCHIBALD MACLEISH the tip of the [1892- 1170 ] global 171 Be Left within the Earth Immortal Autumn You, Andrew Marvell 172 Epistle to WILFRED OWEN [1893-1918] 173 174 1176 ] , unusual assembly Anthem for 176 Doomed adolescence 178 178 Futility MARK VAN DOREN E. [1894- 1179 ] right Clay 179 This Amber Sunstream 181 E.

7 hou artwork attractive, O my love, as Tirzah, Comely as Jerusalem, negative as an armv with banners. The Bible thine eyes from me. For they've got triumph over me: shrink back Thy hair is as a flock of goats that seem from Gileacl. Thy the teeth are as a Which move up from flock of sheep the showering, Whereof each beareth And there is twins, no longer one barren between them. As a section of a pomegranate are thy temples inside thy locks. "There are threescore queens, and fourscore concubines, And virgins with out quantity.

She used to be choked with grief and torment totally. And within the fireplace she flung herself, and so Steadfast of middle in flames to loss of life did pass. woeful hens, your cry was once just like the cry O whilst Nero despatched Rome urban to the sky And there has been anxious wailing from the other halves Of Roman senators that misplaced their lives; All guiltless, depraved Nero had them slain! Now to my story will I go back back. this straightforward widow and her daughters Heard a lot of these hens lament with nice to-do. And dashing outside right away, they see The fox make towards the wooded area swiftly Bearing the cock away upon his again.

Allow my cherished come into his backyard, unsleeping, And "I I I I south; consume his friendly culmination. am come into my backyard, my sister, my wife: have accumulated my myrrh with my spice; have eaten my honeycomb with my honey; have inebriated my wine with my milk: consume, O buddies; Drink, yea, drink abundantly, yet I sleep, my O cherished. " center waketh: it's the voice of my my cherished that knocketh, asserting, my love, my dove, my my head is fdled with dew, And my locks with the drops of the evening.

And Or Or Or Or the golden bowl be damaged. the pitcher be damaged on the fountain. the wheel damaged on the cistern; Then shall the dirt And the spirit shall go back to the earth because it was once. go back unto God who gave it. vainness of vanities, saith the preacher; All is self-importance. bankruptcy 12 The Bible fiveĀ© FROM ISAIAH undeniable heresies of ecclesiastes, THE THE track OF SONGS, are incongruities just like the sensual ecstasies of within the Bible; they have been included within the Scriptures not just simply because they have been relished by means of unbelievers, yet simply because they have been well liked by the common tolerant guy.

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